What is ExcelWhois?

ExcelWhois is a tool that allows you to perform bulk Whois queries using Microsoft Excel. With ExcelWhois, you can retrieve registration information for multiple domain names at once, and export the results to a spreadsheet for analysis or further processing.

Domain list on CSV spreadsheet

To use ExcelWhois, you simply enter the domain names you want to query into a spreadsheet and saved it in CSV format (see left image), and then upload the csv file.

ExcelWhois will then retrieve the Whois information for each domain and populate the spreadsheet with the results (see image below).

Whois Results in Excel Format

Some of the benefits of using ExcelWhois include:

  1. Efficiency: ExcelWhois allows you to perform bulk Whois queries more efficiently than by manually entering each domain name into a separate query.

  2. Customization: With ExcelWhois, you can customize your queries to include specific search parameters or exclude certain types of information that you don't need.

  3. Analysis: Because the results of your ExcelWhois queries are exported to a spreadsheet, you can easily analyze and manipulate the data to identify patterns, trends, or other insights.

  4. Integration: ExcelWhois can be integrated with other Excel-based tools or scripts, allowing you to automate complex data processing tasks or perform additional analysis.

Overall, ExcelWhois is a useful tool for businesses, domain name registrars, and other organizations that need to perform bulk Whois queries and analyze the results.

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